Got two or more Computers Systems but only one broadband line?
Don't have enough space to have a printer attached to each system?
Fed up having to transfer files from one system to another?

Then why not set up a home network and benefit from the following;

Shared Internet Access: If you have a high speed broadband connection, then everyone on the network can be online at the same time.
File Sharing: Some of you possibly share files between computers using floppy disks, CD-RW disks or USB flash drives. A home network allows you to share files much faster and more conveniently by placing the file in a shared folder or a dedicated network drive.
Printer Sharing: If you only have one printer you don't want to be moving it from one system to another every time you need to print something. With a home network you can be sitting in your bed working on a document on your laptop and then send the finished job to your networked printer downstairs.

There are two main options when setting up a home network Wired or Wireless.

Advantages of Wired Networks
Wired Network
Faster: Wired connections can reach speeds of up to 10 times that of wireless networks. However for most users the standard 100Mbps networking speeds are more than sufficient for everyday networking activities.
Reliable: Physical, fixed wired connections are not prone to interference, dropped connections or bandwidth fluctuations, which can affect most wireless network connections.
Secure: With a wired network you don't have to worry about your network signal transmitting through the air and being open to attack from hackers driving around trying to find wireless hotspots.

Advantages of Wireless Networks
Wireless Network
Portable: Wireless network devices enable you to connect your computer or laptop to your network from anywhere in the house. Even if you have a large house, wireless signals will generally go through walls and ceilings. If you find your signal strength a bit low, you can boost the signal with access points or the newer range-max routers.
Affordable: With the price of wireless equipment dropping and the price for cabling saved, wireless networking is a cost effective solution.
Neat & Safe: Choosing a wireless network means not having to run unsightly cables across floors, under carpets or drilling through walls. This also removes the threat of accidentally tripping over network cables.



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